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Title : Contribution of ICT for Environment on the “Earth”
Time : Feb. 16, 2009, 16:40 ~ 18:00
Speaker : Dr. Hiroshi ESAKI (Professor of University of Tokyo)
Board of Trustee, ISOC (Internet Society)
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Executive Director, Japan IPv6 promotion council
Board member, WIDE project
Vice President, JPNIC(Japan Network Information Center)
Technical fellow of IPv6 Forum
Chair, IP Ready Logo Program, IPv6 Forum

Abstract : Energy saving and the protection of environment for sustainable society is now global agenda, that we must achieve for the next generation and for our Earth. This activity around IT and ICT industry is called as “Green IT/ICT”. Though the most of the Green IT/ICT would focus on the energy saving “of” IT/ICT equipments, we are focusing on the energy saving “by” IT/ICT technologies. The real target is not the energy saving, but is to establish ubiquitous digital sensor and actuator network environment and to encourage the technical innovation/revolution or new applications using this network platform. This is the “end-to-end” model that the Internet has achieved.
In this presentation, the speaker shows some R&D projects related with energy saving, i.e., Live E! Project and Green University of Tokyo Project. The real goal of these projects is sharing any digital information over the globe to achieve higher efficiency on human and social activities and to establish the digital network infrastructure to achieve sustainable innovations.

Title : Visions for the future Internet
Time : Feb. 16, 2009, 16:40 ~ 18:00
Speaker : Dr. Yanghee Choi (Professor of Seoul National University)
Chair of Future Internet Forum (Korea)
PI for“The Fundamental R&D for the Future Internet”

Abstract : The Internet as of today is facing big challenges ; security, management, cost, social implications etc. It is now generally agreed that the current Internet is inadequate to serve as the critical national and global infrastructure because of its loose specifications written long ago. Future Internet which is expected to solve all the pending problems, will be based on a new architecture, new protocols, and new paradigm. The motivation, goal, direction, and implications of the future Internet will be discussed in this keynote with the aim of promoting debates from the audience.
Finally, several options that Korea can choose as its national strategies to develop and build the future Internet will be described.

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